CNC Port Programs

VEPR CNC Porting

The VEPR (Velocity Enhanced Port Range) by Straub Technologies is designed to maximize flow at the minimum CSA in a cylinder head for any performance engine application. This maximizes airflow velocity in the low to mid lift range allowing the head to fill the cylinder as soon as possible to create a wide power band. This broad power is not sensitive to gear ratio’s and weather change like packages that make peaky power. This broad power range makes the gear work and in turn the car accelerates down the road, track, or on the water.


Each casting is fulling machined in house using state of the art Rottler 5 AXIS CNC porting cell. All port designs are developed in house by Scott Foxwell, one of the top cylinder head porters in the country. His attention to port velocity in cylinder heads will give you the power to put you in the winners circle.


CNC Porting Cost Starting at $1495


3 Angle Valve Job

Flat Mill to Desired Chamber Volume

Cleaning and Full Inspection

Fully Assembled – Parts Extra per Application


BBC VEPR Grudge 337