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BBC Airboat Top End Kits

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New Straub Tech BBC Intake Gaskets

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New Straub Tech LS Rocker Kits

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Nostalgia Series Cams by Straub Tech

If you are after cost effective performance for your Hot Rod, Straub Tech has a camshaft line for you.  These proven grinds have powered the weekend warriors Detroit V-8 for 3 decades.  These cams have mild open and closing ramps to give valvetrain stability, but have the area under the curve to make broad flat power.  All of these grinds can be used with OEM or any .700” roller street lifter.


LS Cam Change Bolt Kit

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LS Short Block Bolt Kit

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Foxwell Dart Oil Mod Plug Kit


Straub Semi Custom Cams


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GTA Master Cam Kits

“GTA Street Cams”

If you want more power out of your AFR/Brodix/Dart/Edelbrock/ProMaxx headed BBC, look no farther. The “GTA” Series of Street Performance Cams from Straub tech will boost the power on your RAT like no other hydraulic roller cam kit.

These cams have been engineered to feed the demand of your Rat based on CID and cylinder head. Your CID and desired rpm range sets the demand of the engine. The cylinder head based on its flow chararacteristics will deliver the air and fuel. Since there are multiple options in heads with different flow rates, then you need a camshaft based on what the heads can supply. The GTA series of street performance hydraulic rollers makes this easy. You select your engine combination and then cylinder head and we supply the camshaft. Straub Tech takes the guessing out of camshaft selection.

Straub cams are worldwide proven by HP crazy customers. These cam kits all but guarantee the hotrodder the performance he is after with his performance Detroit V-8.


GTA Series of Hydraulic Roller NA/NOS Camshafts




LS Power Pack Package

a-ls3heads.jpg 243heads.jpg vepr-ls-243-stage-3-assembled.png

You want more in your LS powered car or truck? Did you just buy a junkyard LS engine that you want to put some Turbos on or some Nitrous? You want a proven package to give you that power on the street? Now you can have a proven power by the guys that have been making engine combinations run for 30 years.

The VEPR (Velocity Enhanced Port Range) by Straub Technologies is designed to maximize the CSA in a cylinder head for the street car using pump gas. This maximizes airflow in the low to mid lift range to bring power on for a wide rpm band. This broad power is not sensitive to gear ratio’s like packages that make peaky power. This broad power range makes the gear work and in turn the car accelerates down the road stop light to stop light.

The VEPR packages from Straub Tech are available using GM OEM Cores that are hand selected or an import casting that we have worked with for many years supplying to other mfgs. Each casting is fulling machined in house using state of the art 5 AXIS CNC porting. All port designs are developed in house by Scott Foxwell, one of the top cylinder head porters in the country. His attention to port velocity in cylinder heads will give you the power to put to the ground.

The packages come with your choice of head, OEM Core, New LS1 Import. Each package comes with:

  • Assembled CNC Ported Cylinder Head
  • Fully CNC Ported with Chambers
  • Stainless Valves, PAC Springs, Steel Retainers, Forged Locks, Viton Seals
  • Cam Change Gasket Kit
  • OEM Head Bolts
  • Choice of Custom Straub NA/NOS Cam, Turbo Cam, Blower Camshaft
  • Delphi Lifters
  • Delphi Lifter Guides LS Design with Bolts
  • Straub Trunnion Kit with Bolts
  • Straub Custom length Pushrods

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      • OEM Head Kit
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      • NEW LS Head Kit
      • $2599

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With 25 years of experience in the Performance Industry Straub Technologies has built relationships with many of the top companies. Our ability to source, design, and sell products to satisfy your performance needs of $100M a year industry giant or a racer with $10 to spend has built our reputation as the go to source in the performance industry.

Chris Straub has spent his years developing relationships with some of the industries legends. These relationships have produced unique business alliances that allows Straub Technologies to offer its customers the best in product, tech support, and price. From custom machined parts to volume deals on national brands, to closeout deals from the OEM giants, Straub Technologies has become the Source that can supply.

Straub Tech is in touch with the latest trends in motorsports because of its relationship with top engine builders, professional race teams, and industry owners. Technical support through our network on engine parts is unparalleled. We are able to answer your technical questions or find out what you need to know. Tech is part of who we are.

Straub Tech is the source when you need parts. Our extensive network of vendors gives us access to over 200M in parts on any given day. Can’t find something….let us do it. You are in another country, we ship worldwide by UPS, EMO, or USPS. We will get you what you want.

We want to earn your business and once you have become a customer you will see why we have become the Source for so many companies and racers.

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