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Started in 1984, by a young man who was, and still is crazy for this industry. Street racer went legal in NHRA and IHRA. He’s the type of guy who thinks outside of the box. He doesn’t like to hear “that can’t be done.” He will find a way or a process to get it done. CNC BLOCKWORKS is one of those processes that he’s been working on. Now it’s a reality. His new location is in Piney Flats, TN. High quality machining process with availability to everyone. You can order a new block and have it machined to your specs or have us to spec it out for you. CNC BLOCKWORKS uses Rottler’s F69A boring center and a H85A hone. We concentrate only on your block. He has a partnership with Straub Technologies and you can call Straub Tech (423-391-7774) or direct to CNC BLOCKWORKS (423-391-7803).

William Embry Herrick

LS Steam / Off Gas Line Kit for all LS engines

Plumbing kits for the “off gassing” are in development now and should be released in the next few months.  For now, we advise you to equalize the lengths left to right with a T in the center.  Plumb the center port of the T to the system you are using the vent the off gassing.  If using the radiator, your best to drill and put fittings closest to the radiator cap.  If you're using an expansion tank, mount the tank at the highest point of the cooling system

346-4444                            Base plumbing kit for heads only. Customer supplies lines from T’s to radiator

LS Head Gasket replacement for MORE POWER!!!

Is there HP and RPM gain in head gaskets and cooling mods on your LS? Yes, and it’s been proven by Robert Yates Racing Engines in their continued development of the GM LS Spec engine for circle track application.

RYRE pulled a track tested engine out of a race car for endurance testing. The engine had the typical OEM type head gasket and cooling system that was run on the car. Testing also included using the radiator right out of the race car. During testing RYRE simulated the operating temps that the engines see, it was noticed in the overflow tank that the engine was off gassing out of the radiator cap. Some head scratching went on with the results of the engine and cooling system testing. Donnie Lewis, part of the RYRE development team and Art Leniti from Arts Radiators, started researching the LS engine program and GMs focus for the engine platform; emissions legal for the EPA and better fuel economy. Donnie’s and Art’s research revealed that GM achieved this through HEAT!! The higher the operating temperature is related to fuel operating temperature, the higher the fuel mileage and less emissions due to the heat that is needed for the catalytic converter to function efficiently. As more fuel is burned, there is more energy generated. In the confined space of a cylinder, this increases the pressure - and hence the temperature, which is converted, via the Otto cycle and the engine design, into mechanical energy to operate the engine. The energy realized is related to the temperature difference - the higher the combustion temperature and the lower the discharge temperature - the higher the efficiency of the engine and the improved fuel economy. In addition, to meet EPA efficiency and emission regs, OEM manufactures use 200 or even 210 Degree thermostats.

We all know running an engine cooler will produce more HP, but sacrifices fuel economy. RYRE needed performance and reliability for the spec engine. Inspection of the head gaskets revealed that GM limited the water around the combustion chamber to maintain the higher temperature. Additional evidence of an imbalance in cooling between the right and left head was evident because of the factory plumbing. RYRE modified the plumbing to consist of equal length lines with a T in the middle running to an expansion tank just under the radiator cap. This allows the gases to leave the heads equally.

RYRE pulled the stock gaskets off the test engine and punched 7 missing holes in the head gaskets. Being that this engine was a spec engine, power output and rpm range of power was well documented. These engines when reaching temp had always “laid over” on the straightaways and just quit pulling. RYRE’s cooling system modifications with parts from Art’s Radiators by RYRE were quite amazing. A simple few holes and some plumbing changes to add additional cooling and release off gases allowed the engine to continue pulling through the entire rpm range! All of this was from modification to the cooling system. Additional track testing showed that the engines ran cooler on the track.

At the end of the day, Donnie Lewis of RYRE used simple physics to convert an EPA emissions engine into a 600HP NA race engine that runs to 7800 rpm!!!!

Straub Tech’s relationship with RYRE has given us the opportunity to take this tech and turn it into a product for the performance LS customer. Available in small bore and large bore, the Straub Tech MLS gasket features the additional cooling holes that allow for more HP and higher rpm!!

346-4031P LS Small Bore Gasket for 4.8, 5.3, and 5.7 For Off Road Use Only. $59.95 Each.

346-4411P LS Large Bore Gasket for 6.0 and 6.2 For Off Road Use Only. $59.95 Each.

Plumbing kits for the “off gassing” are in development now and should be released in the next few months. For now, we advise you to equalize the lengths left to right with a T in the center. Plumb the center port of the T to the system you are using the vent the off gassing. If using the radiator, your best to drill and put fittings closest to the radiator cap. If your using an expansion tank, mount the tank at the highest point of the cooling system

346-4444 Complete plumbing kit to vent heads to radiator This includes 6' of -4 Black Braided Hose. Will need to drill and tap radiator for 2 1/8" NPT fittings. Kit is complete with all fittings needed $159.99

Cam retaining plate for all LS engine modified for enhanced oiling 

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BBC Airboat Top End Kits

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New Straub Tech BBC Intake Gaskets

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New Straub Tech LS Rocker Kits

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Nostalgia Series Cams by Straub Tech

If you are after cost effective performance for your Hot Rod, Straub Tech has a camshaft line for you.  These proven grinds have powered the weekend warriors Detroit V-8 for 3 decades.  These cams have mild open and closing ramps to give valvetrain stability, but have the area under the curve to make broad flat power.  All of these grinds can be used with OEM or any .700” roller street lifter.


LS Cam Change Bolt Kit

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LS Short Block Bolt Kit

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Foxwell Dart Oil Mod Plug Kit


Straub Semi Custom Cams


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GTA Master Cam Kits

“GTA Street Cams”

If you want more power out of your AFR/Brodix/Dart/Edelbrock/ProMaxx headed BBC, look no farther. The “GTA” Series of Street Performance Cams from Straub tech will boost the power on your RAT like no other hydraulic roller cam kit.

These cams have been engineered to feed the demand of your Rat based on CID and cylinder head. Your CID and desired rpm range sets the demand of the engine. The cylinder head based on its flow chararacteristics will deliver the air and fuel. Since there are multiple options in heads with different flow rates, then you need a camshaft based on what the heads can supply. The GTA series of street performance hydraulic rollers makes this easy. You select your engine combination and then cylinder head and we supply the camshaft. Straub Tech takes the guessing out of camshaft selection.

Straub cams are worldwide proven by HP crazy customers. These cam kits all but guarantee the hotrodder the performance he is after with his performance Detroit V-8.


GTA Series of Hydraulic Roller NA/NOS Camshafts


LS Power Pack Package

a-ls3heads.jpg 243heads.jpg

You want more in your LS powered car or truck? Did you just buy a junkyard LS engine that you want to put some Turbos on or some Nitrous? You want a proven package to give you that power on the street? Now you can have a proven power by the guys that have been making engine combinations run for 30 years.

The VEPR (Velocity Enhanced Port Range) by Straub Technologies is designed to maximize the CSA in a cylinder head for the street car using pump gas. This maximizes airflow in the low to mid lift range to bring power on for a wide rpm band. This broad power is not sensitive to gear ratio’s like packages that make peaky power. This broad power range makes the gear work and in turn the car accelerates down the road stop light to stop light.

The VEPR packages from Straub Tech are available using GM OEM Cores that are hand selected or an import casting that we have worked with for many years supplying to other mfgs. Each casting is fulling machined in house using state of the art 5 AXIS CNC porting. All port designs are developed in house by Scott Foxwell, one of the top cylinder head porters in the country. His attention to port velocity in cylinder heads will give you the power to put to the ground.

The packages come with your choice of head, OEM Core, New LS1 Import. Each package comes with:

    • Assembled CNC Ported Cylinder Head
    • Fully CNC Ported with Chambers
    • Stainless Valves, PAC Springs, Steel Retainers, Forged Locks, Viton Seals
    • Cam Change Gasket Kit
    • OEM Head Bolts
    • Choice of Custom Straub NA/NOS Cam, Turbo Cam, Blower Camshaft
    • Delphi Lifters
    • Delphi Lifter Guides LS Design with Bolts
    • Straub Trunnion Kit with Bolts
    • Straub Custom length Pushrods

    Click on the Package of your Choice and add to Cart

          • OEM Head Kit
          • $2299 NO Core Charge

          • NEW LS Head Kit
          • $2599

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