Competition Cams 5630 Comp Seal Setter

This two-piece allows for easy and consistent installation of PTFE 11/32" valve seals.If you're tire..


Design Engineering, Inc. 010490 Hi Temp Sp..

Hi Temp Spray Adhesive; 10 oz.; DEI Packaging;Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive provides high strength adhesion..


Edelbrock 1076 SILICONE

Edelbrock Part #1076 high quality RTV silicone 3 oz. is for use with intake manifold installations. ..


Edelbrock 1077 SILICONE

Edelbrock part #1077 high quality RTV silicone 1/2 oz. is for use with intake manifold installations..


K&N 85-101 Racing Glue Kit

K&N's racing glue kit contains adhesive products used frequently by race mechanics. The kit includes..


Moroso 35500 Ceramic Engine Seal (1pt)

; The best Chemical Sealer you can buy to stop cooling system leaks ; Works equally well in aluminum..


Moroso 35520 All Weather Seal (1pt)

; Specially formulated to stop cooling system leaks when antifreeze is present ; Ideal for stopping ..


Moroso 35560 A&B Epoxy (2-Part Bonding..

; Two-part bonding product molds like putty, yet hardens to steel-like consistency ; Does not shrink..


Moroso 97070 Air Pan Foam



Mr. Gasket 78080G RTV Sealant

RTV Sealant; Grey; 3 oz. Tube;Using his own '57 Chevy as a rolling test bed, drag racer Joe Hrudka l..


Mr. Gasket 78090G Thread Locker

Thread Locker; Red; .25 oz. Tube;Mr. Gasket Red (high strength) thread locking compound is an anaero..


Mr. Gasket 78091G Thread Locker

Thread Locker; 25 oz. Tube;Mr. Gasket Blue (medium strength) thread locking compound is an anaerobic..


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