Introducing out NEW Straub Tech Rocker kits with our LIFETIME Warranty against body breakage.   Available for all LS1 and LS3 heads that use stock rocker assemblies, our rockers are made from investment cast steel that has been shot peened and micro polished to stress relieve the part.   Each rocker is fully assembled with our proven bushing kit featuring our self lubricating bronze material and our proprietary oiling system to the trunnion.  Each kit comes with Grade 12.9 Bolts and comes with our exclusive LIFETIME warranty against body breakage.  If a body breaks, we will replace it free of charge.

LS3 Rocker Arm Kit with Bushing Trunnions.  New rockers with bushing trunnions and Grade 12.9 Bolts.   Use Factory torque setting  Set of 16

See Our Warranty Here For Details. Click HERE to see Details

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LS3 Rocker Arm Kit with Bushing Trunnions

Product Information

  • Brand: Straub
  • Product Number: STR 346-1703
  • $399.99