Demon Carburetion 120098 4150/4150HP Secon..

KIT; SECONDARY LINK-1:1 STYLE4150/4150HP 1:1 Secondary LinkSecondary LinkIncludes Link/Pin/Washer..


Demon Carburetion 1950 Brackets/Links

STREET DEMON IDLE SOLENOID KITFast idle solenoid for Street Demon carburetorsHolds RPM Up For A/C Eq..


Demon Carburetion 1951 Brackets/Links

STREET DEMON TPS KITTPS switch, billet bracket, connector rod & adapter lever (bolt-on)Designed For ..


Demon Carburetion 1952 Brackets/Links

GM THROTTLE CABLE ATTACHMENT BRACKETAdapter to add large throttle mounting hole to throttle lever. P..


Demon Carburetion 1953 Brackets/Links

THROTTLE CABLE/TRANS KICKDOWN CABLE KITThrottle and kickdown cable bracket for use with Street Demon..


Demon Carburetion 1954 Brackets/Links

FORD KICKDOWN SPRING/PERCH KITFord Automatic Transmission Kickdown Spring and Perch Kit for Street D..


Demon Carburetion 1958 Brackets/Links

STREET DEMON BILLET THROTTLE CABLE BRACKETComes complete with a dual-return-spring setupThrottle Cab..


Demon Carburetion 1959 Brackets/Links

BILLET DETENT BRACKET FOR 1958 THROTTLE CABLE BRKTThese Demon Carburetion throttle cable brackets ar..


Demon Carburetion 421445 Brackets/Links

KIT; FORD KICKDOWN SPRING/PERCHThis kit is required when installing a Demon carburetor that will be ..


Edelbrock 1031 94 Carburetor Linkage

Edelbrock 94™ Straight Throttle Linkage Kit; Six Carburetor Set-Up; Adjustable;These throttle linkag..


Edelbrock 1032 Dual Carburetor Throttle Li..

Edelbrock 94™ Straight Throttle Linkage Kit; Dual Carburetor Set-Up; Adjustable; For Use w/PN[1151] ..


Edelbrock 1033 Triple Carburetor Throttle ..

Edelbrock 94™ Straight Throttle Linkage Kit; Triple Carburetor Set-Up; Adjustable;C-357-B TRIPLE-DEU..


Edelbrock 1034 Triple Carburetor Throttle ..

Edelbrock 94™ Straight Throttle Linkage Kit; Triple Carburetor Set-Up; Straight; Adjustable; For Use..


Edelbrock 1473 Performer Series Carburetor..

Performer Series Carburetor Linkage Kit; Incl. 7 Links/6 Retaining Clips;Performer Series Carburetor..


Edelbrock 1873 Carburetor Linkage Kit

AVS Carb Linkage Kit; For Use w/Performer Series and Thunder Series AVS Carbs; Incl. 7 Links w/Black..


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